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FUE hair transplantation first began to be applied in the 1950s. It has become one of the most widely applied surgical procedures in today’s world where visuals are at the forefront. Every year, millions of people in many parts of the world, find solutions to the problems of hair loss and baldness, with the method of sapphire transplantion. In psychological and scientific studies it has been found that individuals with natural hair ,regain their self-confidence and that individuals who began to enjoy looking to themselves in the mirror, have improved their social life thanks to the FUE hair transplant method.

In fact, for those who have no idea about the process, FUE hair transplantation can be associated with choosing a flower and planting it in another area. In the example we give, we extract the flower without damaging the root by protecting a little soil around the root and then cover it by placing it in another prepared place. Hair transplantation is very similar to this procedure, hair follicles are removed with some tissue around them, incisions are made to replace it and then grafts are placed in these open canals.

FUE is safe procedure when performed by expert and experienced doctors in the field of hair transplantation with the right equipment and required hygienic conditions. Rarely some complications can be noticed. International Hair Clinic is always with its patients with postoperative support, so that our patients can easily overcome the complications they have encountered.

DHI is a procedure performed with the FUE method. However, although it is not difficult to shear the area where the transplant will be done in the FUE method, many people do not prefer shearing because of social and business life. Some people do not complete the hair transplant process because of the haircut, some give up the hair transplant operation or some postpone the operation in question.

At this point, DHI can be performed primarily on implants involving a small area taking into account the comfort and desire of the patient. Thus, after the procedure, the patient can easily continue working and getting on with his social life without any signs from the hair transplant surgery.

In non-shearing hair transplantation performed by the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, the roots obtained from the neck area are transferred to the area where the transplantation will be performed using special millimeter devices. The only difference from the hair transplant surgery performed with the FUE method is the hair transfer without shearing.

There are numerous treatment methods that can be applied during hair transplantation. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most widely used methods for most patients.

The first step in the transplantation process is the examination of the patient's health condition and the analysis of the donor area (the back of the head and the condition of the hair in it). The operation can be performed when the number of grafts (roots) needed to cover the empty area is matched by the number of roots that can be provided by the donor area.

The healing process for the hair transplant procedure performed without shearing is the same as the standard hair transplant surgery performed with the FUE method. However, because the hair does not shave during hair transplantation, the hair transplant area can be hidden thanks to the length of the hair. Thus, after the operation there is no sign of the performed procedure. The process continues with the scab cover in the first week of transplant, with the removal of the scab cover within eight to ten days and with the extension of the roots after three months in the transplanted area. In about 1 year, the hair will achieve the intended result.

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